Dust Under Your Feet

Hazrat Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani (r)

Hazrat Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani (r), the spiritual guide, renowned scholar, practicing sufi, saint par excellence, spiritual Khalifa of Hazrat Zauqi Shah (r), departed from this world, after a year long illness on 20th Ziqad 1417 Hijri (21st April 1995) at the age of 85 years, leaving behind hundred of followers at home and abroad. All those who were blessed with his suhbat (companionship) during his life time, mourn an irreplaceable loss. As one ardent over of his remarked, “ The world is poorer without him.”

The revered Shaikh was initiated in the Chishtiya Spiritual Order in 1940 at the hands of Hazrat Maulana Syed Muhammad Zauqi Shah r.a. He has written several books in Urdu and English, such as Reactivization of Islam, Mushahida-i-Haq, Maqam-i-Ganjshakar, retranslated The Kashful Mahjub with Special Commentary (both in English and Urdu),The Magnificent Power Potential of Pakistan, etc. He has also translated some Sufi books from Persian to Urdu, of which Mirrat-ul-Asrar, Maqabis-ul-Majalis, Talqin-i-Laduni, etc have been published. He also collected his Sheikh’s sayings and published them under the title Tarbiat-ul-Ushaq (Training of the Lovers – both in English and Urdu) – recently this book has being given a new name and published by Ferozsons (Pvt) LTD under the title “ Vision for Seekers of the Truth.” The book, a compilation of Hazrat Zauqi’s Shah Discourses, deals with the various Spiritual subjects including some of the highest Spiritual States and Stations. Sheikh Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani r.a  was also the founder of the Book Series “The Sufi Path.”

Having authored a large number of books on various facets of Islamic Spirituality, writing thousands of letters to his Murids (Students), besides spending endless hours meeting those visiting him, traveling frequently within the country and abroad, eating only to live, and spreading kindness, warmth and mercy, alike to old and young, rich and poor, powerful and helpless, he embodied the highest traits of the best of Sufis to such a degree that one found full confirmation in the famous saying that, “ Sufis in their communities are like the Prophets of Bani Israel.”

He received Khalafat from his Sheikh and had been busy training his Murids (Students)  in the Spiritual Course, besides replying letters and educating  his murids both at home and abroad until his last days on this earth.